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Main » 2009 » August » 10 » Guild Leader Weekly #2: Member Activity
Guild Leader Weekly #2: Member Activity
6:21 PM
If your members are not active or loyal, you will notice that many of them especially new recruits decide to leave in a day or two. This problem can be easily solved through the following steps.
1. Planned Events: Planned events increase activity by planning events on a certain day. This will make sure that a majority of the members are online at that event. This will also "bond" your guild.
PvP Events: Planning PvP events will cause your guild to make certain members master a profession or build. The success rate of the PvP will have effects on your guild member loyalty. Winning games will increase loyalty and moral. Losing games will do the exact opposite.* Farming Events: Farming events will also make members master professions. Select only a couple farming locations such as Urgoz or FoW. Having a limited amount of farming will make your farms successful and promote members with certain professions.
PvE Missions: Doing PvP Missions in a certain campaign in Hard Mode will boost the morale of your members. They will be much more loyal due to the fact that you are contributing to their titles.

In-Guild Tournament: Planning an in-guild tournament with prizes for the top competitors will boost your guild activity. Make the in-guild tournament monthly so members will stay longer to have a chance in the tournament. Before making your first tournament set some ground rules that make certain skills/strategies illegal. Also choose if you want it to be 1v1, 2v2 or in bigger sizes.
2.Spontaneous Events: These can happen at any time between the major events. These will also boost loyalty and activity of members. Here are some great examples:
Dungeon Runs: If you can run a dungeon such as CoF, you may organize a dungeon run with your guildmates.
PvP: Team Arenas or any other team PvP can be organized in a small amount of time.
3.Rewards and Prizes: Rewards and prizes can be given to members that show the most effort, this will promote member activity and cause them to be much more loyal. Do NOT overuse this method.
Lottery: With a bigger guild(around 30-40 members) you may organize a lottery. This will be explained in later Guild Leader Weekly posts.

If you can start and maintain activity throughout your guild, new members will more likely stay and the guild will grow at a faster rate. You can always make events alliance-wide making the alliance active too and this in turn will help you build and progress your guild. You can also increase activity by getting a Ventrilo or Teamspeak 2 server.
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