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Main » 2009 » August » 3 » Guild Leader Weekly #1: Starting
Guild Leader Weekly #1: Starting
1:46 PM
Managing a guild takes a lot of work so this weekly article will help you build an active and loyal guild. This article will provide you information on how to maintain your guild's activity, manage events, and have a great alliance.

Building the Base
For this step you will need:
  • 25-35K
Go to your local Guild Registrar who is located in big cities such as Kaineng Center, Kamadan, or Lion's Arch. There you will decide upon your name (3-31 letters) and your tag (2-4 letters). Remember your name and tag are permanent and can only be changed if you start a new guild so you use spell check before you finalize your name.

Once complete, you should confront the Guild Emblemer where you will decide upon your cape. The cape should be fashionable, make sure your cape does not look horrible else people may leave because they do not like the cape however you can always change your cape for another 2K.

Now you will have to create the Guild Hall which is notably expensive. Now you will have to go to a Canthan Ambassador and ask him to show you Guild Halls. There are 16 different guild halls. You should choose the one the you like best or the one that will be suitable for your Guild Style. Once your are at your chosen hall, buy your celestial sigil from the Sigil Trader. Once done return to the Ambassador and buy the guild hall. In the guild hall, you may buy various services. You should invest only in the Xunlai Chest because your guild may die out or you may not want to continue being a guild leader.

Now you should choose your alliance depending on whether you are Kurzick or Luxon. You can do this at the House Zu Heltzer (Kurzick) or Cavalon (Luxon).

Now you must choose whether you want your guild to be PvP, PvE, GvG, HoH, Farming, ETC.

Since you are done with the base of your guild, you will now need:
  • around 2K
  • some loyal friends that would like to be officers
Now you should ask your best in-game friends if they would like to help you start the guild and be officers. If you do not have loyal in-game friends or they do not want to, then you promote your favorite and trustworthy members. Do NOT promote anybody right on the spot. Even if you have no other officers do NOT promote them.

Now will begin one of the most tedious parts of starting your guild: recruiting. Recruiting is simple. You and your fellow officer(s) will go to popular places such as Temple of Balthazar, Kaineng City, or Lion's Arch and start recruiting by announcing the following: "Recruiting (active/loyal) for Guild Name [tag] Guild Hall, Cape, (website, ventrilo, teamspeak, kurzick, luxon, pvp, pve, etc.)"

Here are some tips to help you gain members:
  • Be Polite and Nice
  • Welcome them to the guild once they accept
  • Answer any questions
  • Do NOT recruit in Ascalon, Kamadan, or Shing Jea Monastery
  • Go to districts 1, 2, or 3
  • Use party search to your advantage
  • Spread out your officers when recruiting
On the first day you should get as many officers as possible because most members leave a new guild the next day. You should instantly plan an event for your guild.

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