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Guild Wars: TexMod Tutorial
[ ] 2009-08-01, 8:53 PM

To remove "shiny" effect use .DDS format which can be opened with photoshop. Links: Download & Further Information: Already Made Mods: By using this program you acknowledge that you cannot hold ANYONE responsible for what happens to your game or account. FAQ ( Taken from the Official Guild Wiki) Are mods permanent? No. Any modifications must be run through TexMod, and no changes are made to any Guild Wars files. What version of DirectX is required? Texmod currently requires at least DirectX 9 to run. How can I remove a mod? Simply run Guild Wars on its own. Can I use command line switches with TexMod? (such as -password, -dx8, or -noshaders) TexMod does not yet support command line switches. Can I create new models / new UI elements? No. Texmod only supports modification of existing textures, and can not access model data. Can other people see my mods? If they have the same mod active, then yes. Otherwise, no, only you will be able to see the changes. Where can I find mods other people have created? A list of player-made modifications can be found here. I downloaded an armor/weapon reskin, why isn't it working? Many armor/weapon reskins need the item to be a specific color in order to take effect. I get a strange error message, with the text "D'OH". What does it mean? This is a general error message used for nearly all exceptions - as TexMod is beta software, error handling isn't up to par. However some known instances where this error may occur are: * After being browsed to, gw.exe can no longer be found in that location. * One or more of the selected .tpf files can no longer be found or are corrupted and cannot be run. My anti-virus/anti-malware software claims that Texmod has a trojan in it. Is this true? If your anti-virus/anti-malware uses heuristic detection, it might detect it as a trojan. Which is a programs ability to modify the way another program works. It is a false alarm of TexMod, since the idea of TexMod is to modify how a program runs by replacing textures that the program uses. I followed all the directions, have DirectX 9 installed, and nothing changes. Why? Texmod requires a graphics card that is fully DirectX 9 compatible in order to work. Older graphics cards do not have the ability to fully use DirectX 9. This means that some programs that require it may not function properly, including Texmod. In addition, if a new Guild Wars.exe build comes out, it will restart Guild Wars, which means that Texmod will no longer be modifying the game. If this occurs, simply close Guild Wars and re-run it via Texmod.
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